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Detection of Ions and Heavy Metals Using Cantilever Sensors

Application Notes and Data Obtained with Cantisens Research

  Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Copper Ions

Cantilever arrays were functionalised to detect Cu2+ ions in low concentrations. At the time points indicated, Cu2+ ions were injected in 100 nanomolar and 1 nanomolar concentrations, respectively.

The sensitivity at a 1nM concentration equals 0.00006 ppm of Cu2+.

The curves show the differential deflection between the functionalised cantilever and a reference cantilever as a function of time.

Data courtesy of School of Life Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

  Interaction Kinetics of Divalent Cations Binding to Glutathione

Cantilevers were functionalized with glutathione, a tri-peptide, with two carboxy-groups able to bind divalent cations.

CaCl2 was injected at the timepoints indicated and subsequently removed by the injection of Tris-buffer and Tris-buffer with EDTA, respectively. The time-resolved data show that Ca2+ is removed faster in the presence of EDTA. These kind of measurements provide valuable information about affinities and reaction kinetics.

Download application note.

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