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Cantisens Research

Powerful. Reliable. Easy-to-use.

Cantisens Research supports leading edge scientific research and application development. Employing customized chemical sensing layers, patented technologies for easy sensor handling and a powerful and easy-to-use software interface, Cantisens Research is the most comfortable and straight-forward way to start taking advantage of cantilever sensors in your field of research.

The state-of-the-art cantilever sensor platform for measurements in liquids and the development of new cantilever sensor based bio-assays and cantilever biosensors.

The instrument offers eight channel label-free sensing, user-controlled liquid flow rates and a precise temperature control. The patented liquid cell has a volume of only 5┬Ál.

  Cantisens CSR-801G: Measurements in Controlled Atmosphere

Whether you are interested in sensing explosives, developing sensor arrays for artificial olfaction ('electronic nose') or analyzing stress in surface layers under different conditions: Cantisens CSR-801G will do the task.

Arrays of up to eight customizable sensors, controlled gas flow and mixtures, precise temperature control and an optional humidity control module are the most prominent features of this innovative new instrument.

  Cantisens FU-401: Cantilever Surface Functionalization

Immersing cantilevers into glass capillaries filled with a functionalization agent has proven a very successfull method for functionalizing cantilever sensors and AFM tips. With its precision micromanipulator, the Cantisens Functionalization Unit FU-401 is the perfect tool for functionalizing cantilever surfaces.

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