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Cantisens CSR-801: Measurements in Liquid

Powerful. Reliable. Easy to Use.

The state-of-the-art cantilever sensor platform for measurements in liquids and the development of new cantilever sensor based bio-assays.

Key Features

  • Eight channel parallel sensing

Detect up to eight substances in parallel or use an arbitrary number of simultaneous reference channels to increase sensitivity, account for unspecific bindings and reduce noise with our specially designed eight cantilever arrays

  • Label free detection of molecules

No need for fluorescent or radioactive labeling to measure biomolecular interactions. Perform your measurements with nanomechanical cantilever sensors and benefit from faster results and less sample preparation time.

  • Low volume (5�l) measurement cell

Analyze small sample volumes and reduce the amount of expensive test material. The small cell volume also contributes to shorter diffusion times and therefore faster results.

All components are manufactured with industry-standard biocompatible materials and can be used with a wide range of organic and inorganic solvents.

  • Integrated temperature control

Obtain reliable results by measuring in a perfectly controlled environment. The integrated temperature control allows stable measurement from room temperature up to 70�C with a stability of 0.01�C. Set-points can be programmed with an accuracy of 0.1�C.

  • Automated sample handling system

Perform automatic measurements with Cantisens Research, using the optional liquid handling system. A comfortable user interface helps you to program complete measurement procedures choosing between the two operation modes "flow rate" (2.5�l/min to 1ml/min) and "static" (stop and go), as well as defining temperature set points and ramps.

  • Innovative cantilever sensor cartridge

Our specially designed cartridge allows fast and secure exchange of the tiny cantilever array sensors. The cartridge facilitates the adjustment of different cantilever array types and significantly reduces handling time.

  • Maximum precision for static and dynamic mode measurements

Measure static cantilever deflection with nanometer resolution or dynamic cantilever properties (resonance frequency) for best results and highest sensitivity.
The powerful, low-noise electronics provide access to all essential signals

  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation software

The user interface is based on LabVIEWTM Software allowing intuitive instrument control, data processing and visualization of measurement results.

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