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Cantisens CSR-802G: Measurements in Gas

From Artificial Olfaction to Materials Sciences.

The new poweful cantilever sensor platform for head space analysis and measurements under controlled atmosphere and conditions.



Key Features

  • Eight channel parallel sensing

Detect up to eight substances in parallel or use an arbitrary number of simultaneous reference channels to increase sensitivity, account for unspecific bindings and reduce noise with our specially designed eight cantilever arrays

  • Integrated temperature control

Obtain reliable results by measuring in a perfectly controlled environment. The integrated temperature control allows stable measurement from room temperature up to 70°C with a stability of 0.01°C. Set-points can be programmed with an accuracy of 0.1°C.

  • Integrated handling system

Set gas flow rates and gas mixing ratios and program automated measurement sequences.

  • Innovative cantilever sensor cartridge

Our specially designed cartridge allows fast and secure exchange of the tiny cantilever array sensors. The cartridge facilitates the adjustment of different cantilever array types and significantly reduces handling time.

  • Maximum precision for static and dynamic mode measurements

Measure static cantilever deflection with nanometer resolution or dynamic cantilever properties (resonance frequency) for best results and highest sensitivity.
The powerful, low-noise electronics provide access to all essential signals.

  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation software

The user interface is based on LabVIEWTM Software allowing intuitive instrument control, data processing and visualization of measurement results.

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