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Functionalization Unit Cantisens FU-401

Reliable Functionalization of Your Cantilever Arrays.

With the Cantisens FU-401, Concentris offers a fast and easy way to functionalise cantilever arrays with proven capillary technique. Using a precision micromanipulator, the cantilevers are inserted into glass capillaries, which are filled with the functionalisation liquid. Up to four cantilevers can be functionalised simultaneously.

Cantisens FU-401 features:

  • Simultaneous functionalisation of up to four cantilevers.
  • Capillary-based system with precision manipulator.
  • Integrated flow box with gas connector.
  • Compatible with Cantisens cantilever array holder.

Cantilever functionalisation based on capillary technology is routinely used by leading research groups. Successful applications include surface functionalisation of gold coated cantilevers with self-assembled monolayers of a wide variety of biomolecules such as single-stranded DNA or proteins.



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